Friday, August 14, 2009

Dango Daikazoku

Wheeee~ Tei sings Dango Daikazoku from Clannad~ ^^
No nico link yet since I still don't know how to upload there.... ._.
EDIT::: Yeah, a nico link~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Act 2 and 02 (or...03)

Even though I know no one ever reads this....and how I'm really talking to myself, I guess I could use this blog as a log book and stuff.

Either way, I'm currently re-recording Tei's voice bank and I hope to be done with it soon. My goal in this one is to make her less muffled (but maybe a bit airy in the process) and easier to understand. =D

I'll also be working on the second (or third, depends if my friend decides to complete her voice bank before me) voice for the Element series, Sylvia Ayres. (Her name is Sylvia after a debate between naming her either Sylvia and Elyncia. Sylvia won with a vote of 5 to 2 ._.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UTAU Weekly Ranking #38 - #82 AGAIN?!

I just checked Nico to see if the Utau Weekly Ranking #38 came out yet...turns out it did. =D
But still...I couldn't believe that Midori's and Tei's Magnet cover made it to the #82 spot with Tei's Electric Angel being #82 last week. ._.
But it's still awesome though~