Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Well Needed Updates

OTL Haha. Seems that I forgot I even had a blog. Oops... ^^;
Man...I need to make myself a real header for this blog... *mumbles to self*

Alright, some updates that I can remember of.....
Tei's Official Act 3 will be released soon as a 3.0 version. So yeah, according to Xue, her voice went from clear/soft/soft to clear/soft/airy...yay variety! -bricked-

Uh...let's see... (trying to keep post as short as possible)
Tei was in a couple more choruses? xD;

Thank you to Aerendyll, Xue, and myst!

Haha...I wonder if anyone notices that I'm depressed. xD *randomly bricked*
There was something else I wanted to add...but I forgot. Haha.